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The mission of the Hussman Foundation is to provide life-changing assistance through medical research, education, and direct aid to vulnerable populations having urgent needs or significant disabilities.

To achieve the greatest impact, the Foundation emphasizes projects having the capacity to save or significantly improve lives, at a small financial commitment per person affected. These projects are often on the margin that divides a modest amount of help from nothing at all.

The Hussman Foundation seeks to “tip the balance” in critical areas where research or intervention can significantly alter the course of individual lives, and where resources would otherwise not be available. The Foundation also helps organizations to develop grant-writing and reporting procedures so they can secure long-term funding from broader sources.

The Hussman Foundation's work was honored with the 2013 Philanthropist of The Year award by the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

Foundation projects include:

  • supporting promising medical research in autism, diabetes, malaria and other conditions, along under-funded lines of investigation;

  • establishing model programs in a variety of fields that can provide springboards for broad replication (e.g. educational inclusion, pediatric diabetes testing), and;

  • providing emergency or “stop-gap” assistance to health programs and schools in impoverished countries, where individuals suffer life-threatening diseases or are displaced without access to basic education, stable living conditions, or human rights.

The Hussman Foundation is a private 501-c(3) charitable organization. We attempt to review but generally cannot respond to unsolicited grant proposals. The Foundation generally does not provide unrestricted grant funding to other organizations, instead allocating the majority of its grants to specific projects viewed as likely to save or materially alter the course of individual lives at a small cost per person affected.

The Foundation generally denies allocation of grant funds to overhead or indirect costs not specific to the completion of funded projects. However, the Foundation may approve small indirect allocations (generally 5-10%) in cases where the activities of a grant-receiving organization are closely aligned with the mission of the Foundation.

For further information:
Hussman Foundation Grant Principles (PDF)

Current Projects


The Hussman Foundation has provided major funding to the Hussman Institute for Autism, focused on: translational research to advance the understanding of the neurobiological basis of autism; research in evidence-based, naturalistic, social-interactive approaches to improve instruction; methods to foster communication; and a broad continuum strength-based supports to help families, schools and communities embrace the differences of people with autism and to enable their abilities across the lifespan.

John and Theresa Hussman with President Jimmy Carter

Mental health workers in Liberia graduating from Carter Center program
  The Hussman Foundation supports the Carter Center's work to provide urgently needed mental-health services in developing countries, to eradicate the last remaining scourge of Guinea worm in Ghana and Sudan, and to treat and control other diseases such as malaria, trachoma and schistosomiasis. The Hussman Foundation has provided major challenge grants to encourage contributions for the Carter Center's work, matching each gift dollar-for-dollar in order to double their impact.

  The Light House is a homelessness prevention shelter and support center in Annapolis MD. With support from the Hussman Foundation, a new Lighthouse facility opened its doors in the Fall of 2010. The Light House provides not only food and shelter, but job training skills and other programs that help to break the cycle of homelessness.

  In remote villages, relocation sites and urban slums along Burma’s borders with Thailand, India and China, the Hussman Foundation funds prevention and treatment of malaria, tuberculosis and filariasis; health care for moms and babies; bamboo schools for migrant children; skills training for migrant workers in basic math, financial literacy, and farming techniques—all vital support for thousands fleeing civil conflict, deep poverty, chronic disease and a decimated education system in Burma.

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